Elimalate Lake

Due to its location in the heart of the jungle, Lake Elimalat evokes the tropics. Part of the access road to the earthen dam lake in Ilimalat passes through tall trees and offers unparalleled views. Fish such as trout and amur live in this lake. Because most of the people leave the Golden Fish area on the night of the feast in the waters of the lake; A large number of this type of fish can also be seen in Elimalat Lake. Numerous facilities like restaurants, shops, toilets, camping areas, pavilions, suites and cafes have been installed for the well-being of tourists in the surrounding areas of the lake. Also, if you are interested in fishing and boating then you can get necessary equipment and tools in this place. All seasons are the right time to visit this lake and each has its own beauty; But autumn is perhaps the best season to visit Yamat.